Houston 529 College Savings Plan

Have you been thinking about creating a Houston 529 College Savings Plan? If so, then you’d definitely be interested in the services of Potter Financial. With over six years in the financial services industry, we are an excellent choice when it comes to opening a tax-advantaged savings account that will help you pay for your child’s room and board. Our program investment options will make saving for college more comprehensive according to your financial situation and objectives. Additionally, our program management services for mutual funds and 529 savings plan will help you as you aim to make the best decisions for you and your family’s financial well-being. Moreover, our commitment to excellence will ensure that you are getting high-quality financial services.

When planning to save for college, you should never compromise on the quality of service you acquire. Instead, make sure you acquire the services of Potter Financial. By choosing Potter Financial, you’ll receive great, dedicated consultants that are truly committed to helping you. We’ll consult with you one-on-one and work towards creating a comprehensive plan to help you save so your kids get the college education they deserve. With careful planning and attention to detail, we’re sure of our ability to get you a suitable saving plan for your current financial situation. Contact us today and learn why we are one of the leading financial firms in the area.

Houston 529 College Savings Plan

Houston 529 College Savings Plan

Houston 529 College Savings Plan and More

Figuring out the best way to save for your child’s college education is key in any financial plan. With a good and comprehensive plan, saving for college will be a whole lot easier.

A college education brings a number of benefits to a person’s life. A degree from a university will establish credibility and strengthen key life skills. Additionally, the college experience will help your child establish a strong network of support. Every day, your child will be learning something new. Therefore, it is important to make sure you save properly for your child’s college education.

As you can see, a college education is beneficial for a number of reasons. Unfortunately, many parents and students are discouraged from taking the college path once they realize how costly a college education actually is. Despite the hefty price, there are alternative means of paying for higher education, including:

  • Work-study or out-of-school employment
  • Scholarships and grants
  • Student loans
  • Commuting to campus instead of living on campus

Here at Potter Financial, we’ll work diligently to find a comprehensive plan that will help parents save for a good college education. We’ll provide personal and attentive support throughout the way until we are sure that you have a comprehensive plan in place.

Paying for a College Education

When you open a savings account managed by Potter Financial, you’ll have a generally safe and reliable place to save for your child’s educational expenses. For example, an education savings account such as a 529 Savings Plan is a tax-advantaged investment account specifically designed to save for your child’s education and will actually reward you for doing so. Furthermore, all the earnings in the account are tax-free when used for school expenses, starting from elementary up to high school and beyond.

College Savings

Comprehensive savings plan

Education accounts vary in terms of flexibility, actual ownership, and more. For instance, earnings in a 529 Savings Plan remain under the parent’s name and don’t are do not have to be documented on the student’s FAFSA. Moreover, with a 529 account, you also have the option to adjust the account beneficiary from a child to another.

On the other hand, a UTMA/UGMA doesn’t provide either of the benefits that the 529 account brings. All the details regarding these intricate details will be fully discussed with the clients when they consult with the financial planners Potter Financial. Above all, we’ll work diligently to make sure we find the best savings account for your children, your needs, and your tax returns.

Investing in Your Child’s Future

Investing is one of the most effective ways to accumulate money with only the money that you already have. Potter Financial advisory services will give you a greater chance of securing great savings for your child’s education. The financial planners at Potter Financial can help you:

  • Analyze your current financial situation and goals
  • Get more information about personal/family finance, education savings, and investing
  • Opening education savings accounts for your children
  • Creating an investment strategy/portfolio that helps you achieve your financial goals
  • We’ll provide access to 1000’s of stocks/funds that individual investors can’t trade
  • We’ll help you by overseeing and managing your investment portfolio
  • Document and manage eligible withdrawals
  • Create connections with investment-savvy tax preparers

You can schedule a free consultation with Potter Financial by giving us a quick call. When you start to invest, you’ll notice that saving for your child’s education is totally doable. The more savings and investments you make, the brighter the future will be for your child. With our services, we’ll help you develop a personalized financial plan that suits your financial goals. It’s never too early or too late to invest in your child’s future. Take the first step by contacting  Potter Financial.

Financial Advisor

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Personal and Attentive Support

Here at Potter Financial, we’re really big on great customer service. The huge importance we place on customer service stems from the belief that exceptional customer service yields high rates of customer satisfaction. Additionally, in order to best help our clients, we like to have a firm understanding of their current financial situation.

So when you acquire the services of Potter Financial, you can expect to receive expert and attentive support throughout the whole process of your consultation. We’ll analyze your current financial standing, assets, potential shortfalls, and other important factors. Once we get a good grasp of what your current situation is, we’ll be able to move forward towards finding the right financial plan for you and your family.

Contact Us Today

So if you are ready to begin saving and investing in your child’s future, you know who to call. You can reach Potter Financial by calling (713) 972-1316 or by clicking here. Moreover, you can learn more about our Houston 529 College Savings Plan and other services by clicking here.

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