Houston Education Savings Account

If you are looking to open a Houston Education Savings Account, then Potter Financial may have just what you need. With over six years in the financial services industry, the owners of Potter Financial have the experience to get you high-quality financial services in the industry. In addition to our experience, our commitment to excellence will ensure that you always receive the highest quality of services possible. Our financial planners will work closely with you to find the most fitting financial plan for you and your family. Additionally, we’ll always be here for any questions or concerns. The goal here is to help our clients reach their financial goals through careful planning and attention to detail.

Houston Education Savings Account

Houston Education Savings Account

Higher education expenses are higher than ever. Therefore, it is important to have a comprehensive college savings plan. Having an account specifically for educational purposes will make you think twice before withdrawing any of the money in that account. The services offered at Potter Financial include investment options that will help you save enough for your children’s college education. Additionally, we are always working on finding new techniques and practices that will help our clients save even more. Together, we’ll find a suitable plan for you and your kids’ future.

The Right Houston Education Savings Account for You

Every client we work with has a unique financial situation. As a result, every client requires different and personal attention. Potter Financial offers personal and attentive customer service that bigger firms can match. Our financial planners are very relatable and will walk you through the process of choosing the right account for you and your kids. We’ll work diligently to get to know your situation as well as possible to get then to work on what account will work best for you.

College is one of the most important parts of personal financial planning. As parents, you always want the best for your kids. In addition, you’ll have peace of mind from knowing that you have planned accordingly.

Whether you have a fund already in place or you are starting from scratch, we can help you create a financial plan that fits your current situation and your future goals. The goal here is to get to know you as much as possible. We want to make sure that we have a good understanding of what it is you are looking for and how we can help you get there.

College savings plan

Save for a quality college education

Setting Financial Goals

Just like other plans, a financial plan without a goal is essentially a map. A map can show you where everything is, but it won’t direct you as to where you should go. So the first step in creating a good financial plan is setting a goal. If you are not sure what your goal should be, the financial planner at our firm can help you set one. The aim is to make sure we are working towards something.

By analyzing your current situation and estimating the amount of money that you’ll need, we can help you create a realistic goal that you can reach through hard work and dedication. Furthermore, we’ll be here throughout the way to make sure you are on the best path towards your goals. Here at Potter Financial, we are working to help our clients reach all of their financial goals.

Creating a Strategy

Once we know what your goal and current financial situation are, we can then move forward to creating a strategy. There are various factors that will determine what type of strategy will work best for you. Our financial planners will go over your financial situation and suggest the most appropriate strategies to help you reach the goals you have set.

When we create a financial strategy, we make sure to keep in mind your current income, assets, risk tolerance, current tax bracket, predicted tax bracket at the time of retirement, and more. Depending on the many factors involved, we will suggest a suitable type of account and investment strategy for you and your family.

Planning Wisely

We’ll help you save for your child’s college education by estimating the amount of money you’ll need, analyzing your current assets, reviewing estimated shortfalls, and then considering general alternatives and strategies to help address the possible shortfalls. Finally, we’ll help you develop an optimal savings plan suites around your financial situation and risk tolerance.

College Savings

Comprehensive savings plan

Another thing to keep in mind is the importance of adapting. The financial world is always changing. Some techniques and practices that may have been effective in the past can become obsolete at any moment. Therefore, it is important to stay up to date with the latest practices in financial planning. Potter Financial consistently researches the latest in the financial world to help us as we aim to provide the most modern financial planning techniques and practices. Together, we’ll plan wisely to help you save for your goal of giving your child the education they deserve.

Other Types of Account We Offer

In addition to college savings accounts, we also offer other types of investment accounts. Depending on the financial goal and strategy chosen, we’ll be able to determine the type of account that is best for you. We’ll choose an investment account that fits best for your particular circumstances. The other types of accounts include:

  • Traditional IRAs
  • Roth IRAs
  • Direct Accounts
  • Managed Accounts

Additionally, our firm also provides 401K rollovers, IRA rollovers, or backdoor IRAs. Even more, Potter Financial supports Simple IRAs, SEP IRAs, and more. We are here to offer personalized account management services. So you can rest easy knowing that we’ll work hard to find the right account for you and your family. When dealing with your finances, you should never compromise on quality. Instead, do the smart thing and contact Potter Financial today.

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If you are ready to maximize your wealth through good planning and attention to detail, then contact Potter Financial at your earliest convenience. You can reach us by calling (713) 972-1316. Moreover, you can learn more about our Houston Education Savings Account by clicking here.

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