77042 529 Plan

If you’re in search of a 77042 529 Plan advisor and account manager, you’re in luck: Potter Financial can help you make the most of your child’s education savings accounts. Through a combination of financial planning and savvy investing, we can help you to see nice returns on the money that you invest today. The more money you accrue in the educational savings account is money that can be used to fund your child’s education. As you can see, with relatively little effort on your part, you can be well on your way to actually being able to afford to pay your child’s college tuition! Contact Potter Financial at your earliest convenience to learn more about our services and how we can help you.

Do You Need A 77042 529 Plan Advisor?

Planning to save for your child’s education is a very delicate matter. After all, every parent wants the best for their child, and many times that means sending them to college. With Potter Financial, you’ll have experienced advisors at your service, helping you find comprehensive ways of saving according to your current financial situation and objectives. Additionally, you’ll experience friendly, responsive, and attentive support for all of our services. The aim here is to make sure you get quality financial services that will help you as you work towards saving for your child’s college education.

77042 529 Plan

77042 529 Plan

Besides good advice, Potter Financial offers quite a few benefits that you probably won’t get if you go at this alone. For one, as a financial services firm, we can offer a wider range of investments than you might have if you were to invest independently. Furthermore, we can actually give you selections about which of these marketable securities may be best for your accounts. Additionally, our account managers will stay on top of your portfolio, so you don’t have to. That means that saving money is much less work on your part.

Additionally, you’re likely to save more when you have a financial advisor and account manager. The stock market can evoke a lot of emotions in people, which causes them to make unwise decisions. You can consider our account management services as a bit of insurance. We’ll remind you of the tax disadvantages, charges, and expenses associated with prematurely selling your investments. After all, we’re here to help guide you on what practices may be best for you and your child’s future.

How To Save For Your Child’s Education

Saving money is always a good idea. Saving for your child’s college education, in particular, is quite noble. Rather than solely relying on student loans or expecting your child to “pay their way,” you want to help them. Trust us, and your child will thank you for your efforts, no matter how much money you manage to save. And with Potter Financial at your side, you’re sure to save quite a bit.

College Savings

Comprehensive savings plan

With the stock market being as it is, please note that we can’t guarantee that you’ll pay for your child’s schooling in full. There are way too many factors to contribute to the outcome, most of which neither of us can control. But what we can promise is that we’ll develop the best education savings plan for your family that we can, and we’ll see it through. As your goals change, so might our plans. But every step of the way, we’ll be on your side as long as you keep working and planning with Potter Financial.

We’ve found that one of the most popular ways to save for educational expenses is with a 529 Savings Plan. In most cases, we recommend this as the way to go if you want to save money for your child. However, we’ll assess your family’s needs and financial situation, just to make sure. In most cases, we find that the 529 Savings Plan provides the greatest benefit to families.

529 College Savings Plan

The 529 Savings Plan is administered by the state. This tax-advantaged account allows you to save money for your child’s education but also gives you quite a bit of flexibility. For one, you own the account, and you make your child the beneficiary. Thus, you have the option to change the beneficiary if you still have money in the account once your eldest child finishes school, or you learn that he or she doesn’t plan to go to college. Some education savings accounts function as irrevocable trusts, from which you can not “regift” the money to anyone else, even yourself.

Another great thing about this account is listed under the parent’s name is that your child doesn’t have to report it on his or her FAFSA as an asset. This means that your child will possibly still be eligible for other types of financial aid, including need-based grants. Because these grants are literally free money for your child’s schooling, it makes sense to try not to destroy their eligibility by putting thousands of dollars in their name.

College Savings

Save for college

The money that you save in a 529 Savings Plan can be used at any level of your child’s education. From the youngest grade level, up to graduate school, qualifying educational expenses are tax-free. Thus, you don’t have to worry that saving for the future could ruin your child’s chances of getting a great education today. “Qualifying expenses” include tuition, supplies, room and board, and more. As you can imagine, some private schools have those same expenses! Fortunately, you can use the money from the 529 Savings Plan to cover that.

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Saving for your child’s education isn’t something that you have to do alone. Furthermore, you don’t have to save using just your own money. By investing, you can stand to gain more than the sum of your own savings. Why not get started today? An investment professional at Potter Financial can help you set up these great investment savings accounts for your children. Furthermore, we can help you save money and manage your investments and mutual funds if needed. Contact us by phone via (713) 972-1316 or contact us online to get started with your 77042 529 Plan.

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