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Houston Investment Services

Have you heard of Potter Financial? Our firm provides Houston Investment Services to those in need of financial planning, retirement planning, and investment account management. No matter what you’ve heard about the stock market, we can use it to achieve the greatest good possible. Our services help Houston residents plan for large expenses, such as college, home buying, or retirement. We don’t offer guarantees about the amount you’ll save or how fast, because that would be dishonest and unrealistic. But we can promise that we’ll put our very best efforts towards helping to see maximum gains on your investment capital. And we have the tools needed to keep that promise.

Each client requires something a little different, and we expect that you’ll be no exception. That’s why we offer free consultations. We can address your needs or even help you discover them. But before our meeting, we’ll explain our investment services and how you can benefit from them.

Houston Investment Services

Houston Investment Services

Financial Planning

At Potter Financial, we take pride in our financial problem-solving skills. We’re an advisory firm that knows how to assess your individual situation and help you achieve your financial goals. Your goal may be to save more money, for example, to have retirement income. Or you could just want a clearer picture of your income and expenses, but you don’t currently know how to budget. As another example, you may need to identify areas where you could cut costs and save more. For many people, financial planning involves a combination of these and many other factors. And Potter Financial can help.

Financial planning doesn’t always have to start with a purchase in mind. Unfortunately, many people wait until then to consult with a financial advisor. But did you know that Potter Financial could help you long before you ever plan to buy your first home or send your children to college? Furthermore, even if you’ve already experienced these major life events, a post-purchase financial plan can help you get and stay on track. We analyze the unique situation and deliver financial advice to improve our clients’ overall financial health.

In many cases, improving your financial health involves acquiring more wealth or eliminating debt. Sometimes, the client needs to do both. Depending on your needs, we may suggest one of our other services. But count yourself lucky—many people visit financial advisors at other firms every day. And these advisors outline their client’s finances, but can’t actually help them manage those accounts. If it were so easy to do alone, you’d probably have done that, right? Potter Financial is here to lend a helping hand. Our wealth management services go hand-in-hand with our advisory services. You’re welcome to take advantage of one service or many because Potter Financial makes them all available to you.

Investment Advisory Services

Quality Investment Planning

Smart financial planning

Potter Financial offers a range of financial services designed to help you save more. We have portfolio styles for each type of investor their is, from the high-risk money-chaser to the low-risk dividend-collector. Our investment management services allow you to effortless enter the stock market without worrying about making a costly mistake. We’ll not only help you create a financial plan, but we’ll also manage your investment portfolio, which might be made up of mutual fund shares, ETFs, individual stocks and bonds, or any combination of the above. If you’re all about managing risks, you’ll appreciate our oversight and management of your accounts.

Call Potter Financial today to talk about investment strategies. Our financial planners can help you identify the best portfolio construction for you. Additionally, we offer a range of account types for you to choose from. Depending on the expected timespan of your holdings, you might need a regular investment account. Alternatively, you might need a retirement account.

Retirement Planning

The difference between retirement planning and standard financial planning is that the former is necessarily focused on the long term. Retirement planning also takes more consideration into factors that won’t arise until the future. For example, we can perhaps count on your mortgage is paid off, which reduces your retirement expenses. At Potter Financial, our advisors are just as skilled at long-term financial planners as they are covering short-term strategies. It’s never too early to start planning for retirement. In fact, as you may know, the sooner you start to plan, the better off you’ll be. Not only will you have more time to save your own money, but it gives your investments more time to accumulate returns.

College Savings

Comprehensive savings plan

When it comes to matters as delicate as retirement planning, you should never compromise on quality. Instead, opt for the experience and true dedication of Potter Financial. In addition to our years of experience, our consistent and rigorous commitment to excellence will ensure that you receive great services. Above all, we aim to use our experience to help clients reach their financial objectives. With us on your side, you’ll have a great team of advisors to help you on your journey towards a great retirement.

Do You Need Houston Investment Services?

Whether you need help planning or help to execute that plan, Potter Financial is the firm to call. With our smart financial advice and investment planning, we can help you make the most of the money you currently have. Who said saving money required sacrifice? Clearly, they didn’t have a good financial advisor. The goal here is to find the most suited financial plans for your current financial situation and objectives. No two clients are the same, and as such, each client requires personal, attentive, and responsive support.

Contact Us Today

You can call Potter Financial or contact us online to get started. Reach us by calling (713) 972-1316. We’ll help you discover your monetary goals. Additionally, we can set you up with the best accounts. Then, we’ll help you cultivate your unique portfolio. With a diverse selection of well-performing stocks and portfolios from the likes of Franklin Templeton, American Funds, and Vanguard, you’ll soon be on your way to success. No matter how soon or far your goals are, Potter Financial’s Houston Investment Services can help you get there, click here to learn more.

Houston Texas Fun Facts

  • Houston was the first word spoken on the moon!
  • Three professional ball teams call Houston home.
  • America’s busiest port city!
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