Houston Mutual Funds

If you’re in search of a Houston Mutual Fund manager, you’re in luck. Potter Financial has 6+ years in the financial services industry. We’re devoted to helping you plan your finances and achieve your long-term financial goals. Mutual funds are a great way to do this. Furthermore, investing with a Potter Financial account makes a good financial investment even better. Keep reading below to learn more about Potter Financial, our services, and how we can help you with your investment goals.

What are Mutual Funds?

Mutual funds are a type of financial security that you can invest in. These types of securities are actually composed of a diverse collection of stocks, bonds, and other marketable securities. Each mutual fund is actively managed, and the goal of each manager is to manage funds in a smart and methodical way. The collection of holdings in a particular mutual fund is known as a portfolio.

Houston Mutual Funds

Houston Mutual Funds

While mutual funds are considered an investment, you don’t have the freedom to trade them throughout the day, like individual stocks or some other securities. Even more, the mutual fund has a set price at the end of the trading day. Only at the end of the day can mutual fund shares be bought or sold. This will probably be a no-go for investors who want to trade short on the stock market, but if you want to accumulate long-term income, this disclaimer shouldn’t really dissuade you from investing in mutual funds.

Benefits of Mutual Funds

As actively managed portfolios, mutual funds are great for investors who don’t want to put extensive effort into constructing their own portfolio. A mutual fund is a ready-made collection of marketable assets and short-terms debts that are expected to see a return over time. Though the stock market fluctuates each day, mutual funds typically see higher capital gains than individual stocks or exchange-traded funds.

Mutual funds are a simple way to diversify your portfolio without managing the performance of individual stocks. Knowing that the portfolio is in someone else’s hands allows many investors peace of mind. As a result, they tend to hold on to their shares longer, and as such, see greater long-term gains. If you’re sensitive to risks and frequent changes in stock valuation make you want to sell your shares immediately, consider mutual funds.

How a Financial Advisor Can Help

The advisors at Potter Financial can help you select the specific fund or funds that belong in your own portfolio. There are thousands upon thousands of mutual funds you can choose from. That being said, you can make your selection based on just about as many factors. Therefore, enlisting the help of a skilled financial planner can help you make a decision you’ll be willing to stick with for years to come.

Houston Investment Services

Houston Financial Planning Services

Of course, you’ll always have the option to sell your shares and invest in another fund. However, with the help of our financial planners, you won’t have to make this switch as often. For one, we can locate mutual funds that have consistently performed well. Though not a guarantee, past performance can indicate that the fund will likely continue to do well. When you invest in poorly-managed funds, on the other hand, you may have to reinvest in another fund rather quickly.

In addition to finding mutual funds with the greatest potential, or financial advisors can help you make sound financial decisions. Unfortunately, many people want to jump ship at the first sign of market depreciation. Our advisors can tell you if your portfolio isn’t performing well because the overall market has a dip, or if the fund itself is hindering your gains. We’ll also discuss the rewards and risks of selling a fund and/or purchasing another. This helps you make sound financial decisions when it comes to your investments.

Mutual Funds Are a Great Way to Enter the Investing World

Mutual funds offer a great introduction to the world of investing. With our assistance, learn more about asset diversification, risk, and more. All the while, continue to grow your wealth by relying on the experience of the fund managers. Furthermore, with experienced fund managers overseeing funds, you can rest assured that there won’t be any decisions made without thoughtful and methodical backing.

About Houston Mutual Funds Companies

One of the great things about a local firm managing your investments is the ability to have face-to-face communication. While not necessarily a necessity for investing, have an advisor you can meet in person is a preference of many. Despite the advancements in modern technology, nothing beats a one-on-one consultation with your financial advisor, as needed. Even if you don’t think you’ll take advantage of this opportunity in the near future, it’s always great to have the option, if you ever change your mind.

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Comprehensive savings plan

Our local financial planning firm gives you access to the larger market, even in the international sphere. Despite being so close to home, you can invest in mutual funds cultivated by managers halfway across the globe. At Potter Financial, we have access to portfolios that you wouldn’t find on your own as an individual. This allows you to find a very good position in the market, compared to those who would rather try their hand at investing alone.

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Potter Financial offers free consultations for all interested in investing. If you need a Houston mutual funds manager, call Potter Financial. We’ll help you select the best portfolio from over 1000. We’ll discuss your financial goals, assets, and debts, and more. Each person’s situation calls for a different financial strategy; Potter Financial is equipped to handle them all. We offer a range of managed and direct accounts, from education savings accounts to retirement accounts. No matter what stage of your journey you’re on, Potter Financial can help. Call Potter Financial today or use our online contact form to set up your first meeting of many to come. You can reach us by calling (713) 972-1316. And if you wish to learn more about our mutual funds, click here.

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