South West Houston Investment Services

Potter Financial’s South West Houston Investment Services include financial planning, retirement planning, education savings, and investment services. As a financial advisory firm backed by a team with nearly half a century of combined experience, Potter Financial has the tools you need to save more. By wisely investing today, you stand to reap massive rewards later in your life when you really need that money to live comfortably. Of course, anywhere money or investing is concerned, there’s no guarantee of a particular dollar amount of percentage increase.

Financial Planning

At Potter Financial, we believe that a good plan can change your financial destiny. If you want to jump right into investing without a financial plan, we strongly advise against it. In fact, we start our meetings with prospective clients with a financial plan right away at our free initial consultation. By analyzing your current financial situation, your needs, and your goals, we can better determine the perfect course of action for you. While saving, in general, is a great idea, the fact is that most people don’t really know what they’re saving for. Sure, the more money you have, the better. However, you can save yourself a lot of stress by knowing how much you actually need. Uncertainty can cause a lot of worries; you’ll always wonder if you’ll “have enough.” With a financial plan, once you’ve met your goals, you’ll know it’s practically smooth sailing from there.

South West Houston Investment Services

South West Houston Investment Services

We should note here that financial planning isn’t just about achieving a certain financial future. Financial planning is the first step towards legitimate financial security. That means that all of your financial needs can be taken care of, including potential emergencies and health events. Having a financial plan doesn’t mean that you’ll amass an inexhaustible amount of money. However, it does reduce the likelihood that a small hiccup becomes a financial crisis.

Whether you just want to know where you stand in relation to where you need to be, or you want to save up for a big purchase, call Potter Financial. Our financial planner will give you the blueprint to smart investment that you need.

Retirement Planning

Potter Financial’s retirement services are quite similar to our financial planning. However, the main difference here is the end goal. Clients who visit Potter Financial in need of retirement planning services know that their savings are for that beautiful day when they no longer have to punch the clock. As clear as this goal seems, retirement is also a very confusing time. It can be difficult to pinpoint a dollar amount that you should strive for. Even just multiplying your current income times the number of years you expect to live usually fails to render a complete picture. That because people tend to live above their means or fail to adjust for expenses. Of course, our retirement planners have the foresight you need. We’ll help you make a more accurate estimation of how much money you’ll need for retirement.

College Savings

Comprehensive investments plan

In addition to the financial assessment, the investment options for long-terms savers differs as well. For one, you’ll likely benefit the most by putting your money in an Investment Retirement Account (IRA). However, which account you need can depend on a variety of factors. If you already have an IRA or 401K, we can roll over or transfer your funds to a more tax-efficient account, if need be. We’ll work diligently towards helping you keep as much of your money for yourself as possible. By thoroughly analyzing your finances, we can determine how to work towards this goal.

Education Savings

If you have children, you surely already know that education expenses really add up. Unfortunately, if you don’t open an education savings account, you might not be able to say the save for your own earnings. Did you know that a 529 Education Savings Plan can be used for all qualifying educational expenses, at any grade level? By investing, you stand to earn more money with the money you put aside for your child’s education. Furthermore, you can use this money as you need it, or save it all for their university tuition. Potter Financial can help you open and manage your child’s education savings account, thus reducing some of the financial burden often associated with a high-quality education.

Investment Services

Our investment/financial services can be considered a means to an end. First, we identify your savings goals and which accounts would be best for you. Then, we actually have to start saving that money. However, as you may have noticed from your own efforts, saving is rarely enough. How can you maximize the money that you contribute? If all you save up is your own disposable capital, what are the chances that you’ll put aside enough money to support yourself during retirement or fund your child’s education?

Retirement Plan Consultants

Invest in an enjoyable retirement

The chances are small. Not only is it unlikely that you’ll save enough money due to your current income or savings. The simple fact is that rising inflation reduces the value of your dollar each year. Even if you somehow managed to save half of your own income, by the time you need that money, it won’t be worth what it could have been. Therefore, you need a method of savings that can adjust for and even counteracts inflation.

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As you can see, one of the only ways left to do that is through investing. However, investing isn’t without its risks. That’s why we recommend you enlist the help of the investment account managers at Potter Financial. We’ll help you by identifying, investing in, and managing historically high-performing marketable securities that can help you reach your financial goals. Call Potter Financial or contact us online to schedule your free consultation. You can reach us by calling (713) 972-1316. Moreover, you can learn more about our investment services by clicking here. Let’s get started with saving you money with our South West Houston Investment Services today!

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