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A West Houston Investment Services firm can help you if you’re reluctant to manage your investments yourself. We’re not judging you if you have a bit of anxiety about entering the stock market. In fact, we don’t even blame you. The market is rife with sporadic ups and downs. It’s impossible to predict a stock’s next move, even if you’re a financial analyst. However, an advisor can be a great help. Though nothing is a guarantee, we know what to look for. By taking note of a few things, which we’ll explain below, we can predict how well an investment will do. Furthermore, a seasoned financial advisor has the right mindset when it comes to investing. Until you develop your own nerves of steel, you’re going to want to rely on this. Otherwise, you stand to lose a whole lot of money.

About Investing

West Houston Investment Services

West Houston Investment Services

It could take us a while to explain everything there is to know about investing. However, we know how to narrow it down to the most important details. Of course, what defines the term “most important” depends on the particular client. The stocks, information, and strategies that will benefit one client might damage the portfolio of another. Therefore, we recommend that any interested in increasing their capital by investing visit Potter Financial. We can learn more about your unique financial situation. Then we can offer advice that will actually help you.

There are a few blanketed statements that we can make. This is the type of stuff we would say to anybody. That’s because no matter what type of portfolio you want to build, you’ll likely find this knowledge helpful.

Investing a Long-Term Strategy

A lot of rich investors would love to tell you differently, but here at Potter Financial, we prefer the long game. And if you’re just getting into investing, you should too. Other people who need to focus on long-term investing are people planning for retirement, their child’s educational systems, or estate planning. Basically, in any case where you want to save money that won’t be spent for at least a decade, long-term investing will be your friend.

The idea of waiting 10+ years to get a return on your investment might seem daunting, but it’s usually well worth the wait. Typically, long term investments far much better than short term trades. Then why does the stock price rise and change each day? Because people buy and sell their shares each day, that’s all. There’s no way that you could know how long they held that stock. To be fair, many people do trade their shares within a very short time frame. However, people who are more interested in interest savings than interest income should keep their holdings until they absolutely need them.

Call Potter Financial; our financial planners will help you develop a long-term investment strategy.

Investing Requires A Strong Stomach

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Invest in your family’s future

Many people lose their money in the stock market each day. There’s really no way around that fact. However, there is a way to reduce the chances that you’ll have the same experience. That way, as mentioned above, is to keep your holdings for the long-term. You’ll see that the price you paid initially has likely risen dramatically. Sure, the value of your portfolio fell a bit during certain years. But by the time you need that money, you’ll most likely have much, much more than you started with.

Of course, holding on to declining stock is easier said than done. That’s why Potter Financial’s account managers are here to help. With a managed account, prevent the possibility of making a rash decision just because the market had a bad week. Your financial advisor will talk through things with you. Trust us; our experience has given us great insights that’ll help us determine when to let go of a stock. Unfortunately, many people sell their shares long before that time has arrived.

It can take some time to build up this type of fortitude. Even when you think you’ve mastered the skill of holding onto your investments, you might falter. We’ll evaluate your risk tolerance when developing your portfolio. Then, we’ll find investments that fit your style. When the overall market takes a hit, so will your portfolio. However, it’ll be easier to avoid excessive worrying about your portfolio; you just have to wait it out. When you keep in mind that you won’t need these investments for several years, it’s a bit easier to manage.

Stay Safe With Mutual Funds

Like everything else on the market, mutual funds can’t guarantee financial success. However, mutual funds are a great investment option for people who are new to the market. In fact, these funds are a favorite amongst lifelong investors, as well. That’s because mutual funds tend to deliver consistent, satisfactory gains. Additionally, mutual funds are a great way to enter the investment world. Some people use this type of investment to hedge their portfolio, to diversify, or as their sole means of investing.

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Personalized financial planning

Potter Financial can buy and hold mutual fund shares on your behalf. Your options are practically endless, with funds that cover any number of stocks and industries. Additionally, mutual funds typically include a variety of securities, including stocks, bonds, and more. Therefore, your portfolio will be diverse in more ways than one. For each share you own of a mutual fund, you’ll receive a portion of the earnings.

Potter Financial’s financial services offered include, in addition to wealth management, investment advisory services. We don’t just peddle our products and services; take time to educate our clients and their families about their financial life.

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Potter Financial provides initial consultations at our office. We’re excited to meet you and speak to you personally. To schedule your one-on-one meeting with one of our financial advisors, please contact us by phone via (713) 972-1316 or contact us online. Let’s develop your personalized investment plan today. Furthermore, you can learn more about our West Houston Investment Services by clicking here.

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