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77042 Retirement Advisor

A 77042 Retirement Advisor can make sure that you’re ready to retire in style in Houston. Of course, retiring in Houston doesn’t mean you have to stay there. If you save enough for retirement, you’ll be able to afford endless travel and other bountiful opportunities. Of course, there’s no guarantee that you’ll retire with an enormous lump sum. But wouldn’t you like to increase your chances?

The great thing about retirement planning is that you don’t have to start with much capital. Because retirement planning is a long-term strategy, we’re going to operate under the assumption that you have at least five years to set yourself up for financial success. If you plan to retire in less than five years, give Potter Financial a call; we’ll let you know how we can help. Otherwise, keep reading below to learn more about our long-term retirement planning services.

77042 Retirement Advisor

77042 Retirement Advisor

What is Retirement Planning?

Retirement planning is the first step to preparing for a great future, once you’ve decided to exit the workforce.


When planning for retirement, you and a trusted financial advisor will evaluate your current finances, income, expenses, assets, and debt, and much more. Once we have a complete view of where you stand financially, we can direct our efforts towards acquiring more wealth. Many people don’t save for retirement. In most cases, this isn’t due to the person being totally negligent. Rather, he or she doesn’t realize that there’s even money left in the budget to save!

Besides living paycheck to paycheck, many of us allow a lot of money to sit around unused in our bank accounts “just in case.” Not only is that money not accumulating any mentionable amount of interest—it’s actually losing value! As time passes, inflation rises, which means your dollar is worse less and less. If you don’t take countermeasures to raise the amount of money you have to cover more than the devaluation caused by inflation, you’re going to be in trouble. Even if you have $1 million in your current capital, that money will be worth much less when you retire in a few decades. Of course, your retirement planner will remind you of all of this as you discuss strategies for accumulating greater savings.


That being said, the second part of any good retirement plan is to fully discuss your options and develop a method for saving more. In addition to uncovering money that can be saved, you have to figure out where to put your savings. Just because you already have a savings account doesn’t mean that’s the best place for the money to go. Many people save thousands of thousands of dollars by putting them into savings accounts with marginal interest rates. Even those “high-yield savings” accounts don’t offer much return on investment. It’s always good to have liquid capital set aside for unexpected expenses. Any retirement plan worth your time will include provisions for emergency savings and flexible liquid capital. But once you’ve met your needs as far as debt and emergency expenses are concerned, it’s time to kick retirement savings into high gear.

Financial Advisor

Comprehensive Financial Planning

How Our 77042 Retirement Advisor Can Help

Though there is quite a bit of risk involved, investing remains one of the best ways to earn more money with the capital you already have. By investing, you can make up for the lost time. Of course, you need a competent retirement advisor to help you with this stage of the plan.

For one, different people require different types of investment accounts. That being said, most individuals have a unique portfolio. Based on several factors, your retirement advisor can help you discover the best in terms of your retirement savings account and your stock portfolio. The end result is that you’ll save more money, have greater peace of mind, and benefit from some tax advantages as well.

Retirement Accounts

The best place to put retirement savings that you accumulate yourself is in an Individual Retirement Account, also known as an IRA. And the IRA benefits you in several ways. For one, as an investment account, you can take those assets and buy securities, which can lead to greater returns. Also, due to the withdrawal restrictions on the account, you’re less likely to squander your savings.

If you’re the type of person who regularly dips into your bank savings account, you can probably already imagine how well those hefty taxes will convince you to keep the money in your IRA exactly where it is. On top of that, because the money you invest is no longer liquid, you’ll have a slightly harder time withdrawing those funds anyway. The process isn’t immediate, nor are most sales set and predictable. Your Potter Financial retirement advisor will help you set up your IRA. Through careful planning and close attention to detail, we’re sure to find the best option for you and your retirement objectives.

Investment Strategy

Do you like to take risks? Does that include financial risk? Fortunately, investment strategies range from low-risk portfolios that collect quarterly dividends to high-risk accounts that either pay off in a major way or lose value. The great thing about long-term investment is that it’s generally harder to crash and burn.

Retirement Savings

Save for a comfortable retirement

Mutual funds are a popular investment vehicle for many who want to save for retirement. Mutual funds often provide impressive diversification, external management, and work towards great results in the market year to year. This provides a hands-off method of investing and typically earns more than your standard average savings account. Potter Financial can help you invest in mutual funds, ETFs, and other securities.

Call Us Today

Potter Financial’s 77042 Retirement Advisor is here to help. Call (713) 972-1316 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation. You’ll be surprised by how much we cover at that first meeting. In no time, you’ll be on your way to greater savings. Visit our website to learn more about our retirement planning services, as well as the different investments we offer and manage. Don’t wait any longer to take control of your finances and your future. We look forward to helping you achieve your financial goals!

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