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Do you know which type of Houston Retirement Investment is best for you? Potter Financial can help you find out. Our financial planners are here to assist you. A financial assessment can help you determine the best course of action to take. The best thing about an assessment is that it lays out where you currently stand. That means that your next steps are actually based on your own financial behaviors. A personal plan is essentially the only way that you’ll be able to make any real progress. You may indeed see some financial improvement or investment gains with non-personalized methods. However, a custom-made financial plan can render great results consistently. When dealing with the fluctuating stock market, you need to set yourself up for the best success possible. Call Potter Financial to develop your personal retirement investment strategy.

With Potter Financial, you’ll receive quality financial services designed to help you on your journey towards your financial objectives. We take great pride in a job well done, and as such, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll help you to the best of our abilities. We understand how delicate of a matter saving for retirement is. As such, we’ll work diligently to create a comprehensive plan that suits your current financial situation. Even more, we’ll work together to assist you as you aim to reach your financial objectives. So you’re looking for a great retirement investing firm, Potter Financial can be of great help to you.

Which Houston Retirement Investment Firm is Best?

We’re going to seem a bit biased here, but we’re going to have to go with Potter Financial on this one. Fortunately, we can actually point to key indicators that we’re a great financial advisory firm for you.

Houston Retirement Investment

Houston Retirement Investment

If you live in the Houston area, you have the advantage of consulting face-to-face with the Potter Financial team. It’s easier to have a clear, detailed discussion about your finances with a person. It’s also easier to build trust and rapport. This can make a big difference when its time to make tough decisions regarding your portfolio. If you can’t trust your advisor, the process will be excruciating. We know that in-person meetings aren’t a total means to an end, but they can help.

As a local firm, staffed entirely by a local team, we also provide the Houston advantage. Houston’s living and Houston retirement is unique. You need an advisory firm that can help you navigate the one-of-a-kind lifestyle Houston provides.

Besides being local, Potter Financial benefits clients through our range of services. We offer both financial planning and investment account management.

Financial and Retirement Planning

Often, the first step towards financial freedom is financial planning. With a plan laid out, you are more capable of achieving your goals. Depending on what those goals are, you may need a retirement plan. A retirement plan is a type of financial plan that focuses more on the long-term, specifically on retirement. In an ideal scenario, you will retire with more than enough money to live the rest of your life comfortably. All of your needs and most of your wants will be taken care of, all or mostly with your own finances. With a retirement plan in place, we can calculate a close approximation of your needs and help you meet them.

A financial plan takes into consideration your current financial situation, as well as your expected expenses later in life. You will notice that some expenses are no longer a cause for concern, such as a mortgage, for example. However, you may have to account for other expenses, such as increased healthcare costs. Even if you have thought about these matters before, laying out your expectations with a dollar sign attached can be a real eye-opener. Plus, it gives you a concrete goal to strive for.

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Investment Account Management

The next step is to start striving towards that goal. A great way to save, though not guaranteed, is to invest some of your earnings. At Potter Financial, our financial plan includes finding a comfortable, sustainable amount that you can invest in. Because investment savings are non-liquid, this isn’t money that you can withdraw whenever you want.

On top of that, premature withdrawals from your retirement investment account can have heavy tax penalties. However, these factors can be quite a plus side. If you invest and keep your money in those accounts, you theoretically have a chance to earn the high gains. Over the long-term, investment returns tend to show favorable results.

If you have cold feet regarding whether you should enter the stock market, Potter Financial can help. You don’t have to manage your accounts alone; in fact, we’ll do it for you, if you prefer. Additionally, we offer a range of low-risk securities that appeal to the reluctant investor. For example, you may choose to invest in mutual funds. Mutual funds are a common investment amongst all types of investors and retirement planners. That’s because, for the cost, these funds offer quite a bit of diversification, plus account management.

Here at Potter Financial, the aim is to use our experience to help clients reach their financial objectives. Our investment services offer clients a great way to enter the investment world. Generally speaking, mutual funds are a great way to learn more about the world of investing. Of course, mutual funds aren’t the only type of marketable security we offer at Potter Financial. Based on your goals, timeframe, and risk tolerance, we may suggest any number of historically high-performing securities for your portfolio. We’ll discuss your unique investment options with you before we put it into action. After all, a plan that you can’t stick to isn’t much of a plan at all.

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Potter Financial is here to help you with all of your planning and investment management needs. Give us a call today or use our contact form to schedule your free consultation. We get right to work on developing your one-of-a-kind financial plan, right there at that first meeting. No matter what your goals are, we can help. From saving for education to retirement, Potter Financial is the best firm to help you achieve those goals. If you’re looking for a Houston Retirement Investment advisory firm you can rely on, you owe it to yourself to give Potter Financial a call. You can reach us by calling (713) 972-1316 or click here to learn more about our retirement planning services.

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