South West Houston Retirement Planner Near Me

If you need a South West Houston Retirement Planner Near Me, call Potter Financial. Our team of financial planners and account managers has the knowledge and experience needed to secure and maximize your long-term investments. Below we’ll discuss the benefits of a local retirement planner, as well as some of the unique investment opportunities you have when you plan with Potter Financial.

A South West Houston Retirement Planner Near Me Is A Great “Asset”

If you intend to retire one day, and you should, you can benefit from the services of a retirement planner. Furthermore, a retirement planner who lives and works in the same areas as you can offer personalized financial advice. This advice is naturally bound to be more relevant than if you were to receive advice from a financial planner who is unfamiliar with South West Houston. At Potter Financial, we provide more than the standard financial advice that could apply to anyone. We know how Houston traffic wears down your car, how hurricanes can affect your home and the average expense of a Texas education. As a result, we can help you make a more informed plan for your future. By taking into account these life experiences that another United States financial planner might not even think of, we can better prepare you for the future. You might have to elevate your goals to accommodate natural disasters, but at least you’ll be prepared.

South West Houston Retirement Planner Near Me

South West Houston Retirement Planner Near Me

A lack of financial planning leads to a lack of appropriate retirement savings. And if you don’t save enough for retirement, you might not stay retired for long. Chances are, you’ll re-enter the workforce, taking on a low-end job to cover your expenses. If you aren’t able to work, you might have to rely on federal funding. If that funding is even available, it’s unlikely to be sufficient. We aren’t saying this to frighten you. Some unfortunate situations are practically unavoidable. However, strategic financial planning early (enough) in your career can cushion the financial impact of issues that arise later in life.

What is a Retirement Plan?

A retirement plan is a detailed assessment of your finances, in totality. Our financial advisors will take an inventory of all relevant financial and personal information. The list of considerations is quite lengthy and includes matters such as cash flow, assets, real estate, debts, income tax bracket, pre-retirement income, and much more. As mentioned above, it might be necessary to account for non-financial factors as well. For example, pertinent health issues can create quite a dent in your finances, retirement, or otherwise. Saving more might be necessary, but it will be well worth the effort. The more we can plan for beforehand, the more comfortable your retirement will be.

A retirement plan, however, is more than an assessment. It also involves goal-setting and developing a strategy to achieve those goals. Even if you don’t have a particular goal in mind, it helps to know an approximation of the amount of money you need to live comfortably as a retired adult. Just by looking at your current expenses and debts, our financial planners can estimate how much you’ll need for retirement. By adjusting for inflation, we can produce a pretty accurate dollar amount. This is a good goal to start.

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We Made a Plan, Now What?

One of the benefits of utilizing retirement planning services at Potter Financial is that we also offer investment management services. Wealth management can be quite difficult, as you may already know. If you have trouble paying off debt or saving on your own, you can imagine how helpful an account manager can be. And even if you don’t have trouble saving money, managing investments is an entirely different ballpark. When you invest, you’re not only saving. You’re also actively trying to generate wealth based on a pre-determined strategy. It sounds simple enough, but many people fail miserably at managing their own investment accounts. That’s because the emotion that the stock market brings out of people forces them to make rash, unwise decisions. In any other scenario, it’s probably unwise to ask an uninvolved party to look after thousands of dollars for you. However, when it comes to investing, this is usually the best idea, as long as the person is an experienced financial advisor.

Some financial planning firms focus primarily on financial advisory. These companies can give you a lot of good advice, but leave you to execute it on your own. As we just mentioned, this is much easier said than done. Even with very detailed instructions, there’s still a chance that you’ll deviate from that supposedly bullet-proof plan.

On the other hand, some investment banks give you the tools to manage your own investments but provide no guidelines for doing so. Every day, thousands of people make little use of the money in their retirement accounts by buying for-performing stocks at sub-optimal prices. What’s worse is that they sell their shares at not-so-good moments. The end result is little capital gains, or worse, total losses.

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Avoid This with Potter Financial Advisory Services

Potter Financial provides both investment advice and account management, to an equal degree. We don’t give you the plan without providing the means to turn that plan into action. On that same note, we won’t just give you the tools without teaching you how to use them. Potter Financial offers a wide range of managed retirement accounts. As such, we’re sure to find the best type of option for you according to your financial objectives. Contact us at your earliest convenience to learn more about what type of accounts can help you reach all of your financial goals.

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