West Houston Retirement Advisor

Potter Financial is the term to call if you’re in search of the best West Houston Retirement Advisor. Our team can help you clearly outline your retirement goals. Furthermore, we can make a plan to help you achieve those goals. Then we take it one step further than a typical financial advisor by managing your investment account for you if you prefer. With Potter Financial right here in West Houston, there’s no need to waste time with financial advisors who can’t even put their own recommendations into practice. On that same note, you don’t need to open investment accounts with companies and firms who won’t even advise you. With Potter Financial, you get the both of best worlds. Call us to start developing your personalized retirement plan today.

West Houston Retirement Advisor

West Houston Retirement Advisor

Why You Need a West Houston Retirement Advisor

To be fair, we recommend that every get a professional retirement advisor, no matter what part of town you live in. However, we will say that working with our West Houston retirement advisor at Potter Financial definitely has its perks. Our team of financial advisors has lived in Houston for most of their lives. Our office is right down the street from where we went to high school. You can’t get more local than that. And in the fast-paced world of investing, it helps to have a face you can see and a team you can trust. Potter Financial is available for in-person consultations and retirement planning.

Besides the advantages of working with a financial advisory firm that’s close to home, you also benefit from the amazing services and knowledge you can find at Potter Financial. Unfortunately, many people don’t have the opportunity to meet the great minds behind their financial strategy. And sometimes, those great minds aren’t so great. Potter Financial, on the other hand, is made of the best and brightest. Not only have we served as financial advisors and account managers, but we also have experience with accounting, personal and business finance, and more. On that note, we make sure to provide comprehensive financial advice that is tax-efficient as well. Furthermore, our 6+ years in the finance industry has allowed us to amass a network of qualified tax preparers who can help you file your investment returns and losses each tax season. As you can see, you get more than Potter Financial when you work with us. You get personalized retirement planning and industry-backed service.

What a Retirement Advisor Does

A good retirement planner will, well, prepare you for retirement. But what exactly does that entail? Unfortunately, your life only gets slightly less complicated than it is now while you’re working. And even that’s up for debate, considering that retirement is rife with other stresses. Nevertheless, finances are not one of the things that should stress you out. With a proper plan placed years before, how you’re going to support yourself and your family will be the least of your worries. In fact, your savings will likely bring you great relief.

Financial Planning

Take control of your finances

The retirement advisor at Potter Financial will evaluate your finances, as well as your financial plan, if you currently have one. Most people don’t have a financial plan in place, so it’s okay if you don’t. Nevertheless, some of the factors our retirement planner will analyze are:

  • Debts, assets, and management of both
  • What estate planning you’ve done
  • Current or ideal investment strategies
  • Information necessary for tax planning, such as tax bracket
  • Real estate

Additionally, it’ll be important for us to know your expected future expenses. Planning for retirement doesn’t mean you have to scrape by when it comes to everything else. Furthermore, the clearer this initial assessment, the more personalized your retirement plan will become. As an end result, Potter Financial will be able to provide you with the precise account management services investment advisory services you need to plan for the retirement you want to have.

What is a “Retirement Plan?”

After our retirement advisor analyzes your financials, we’ll identify a suitable retirement goal. Generally, you want to keep this goal as concrete as possible. That’s why “be able to afford a private yacht,” while aspirational, isn’t a great retirement goal. Instead, we’ll calculate how much you can expect to need for retirement. By taking note of average life expectancy, the current standard of living, and the expected future monthly budget, we can arrive at a close estimate of how much money you’ll need. Then, we consider how many years you have left until you expect to retire from the workforce. That lets us know not just how much we have to save, but how long we have to save it.

We Made a Plan, Now What?

Retirement planning

Planning for a fun and comfortable retirement

The next step after making any great plan is to put it into action. Potter Financial can open new investment accounts for you if you don’t already have them. The account we select together will depend on your tax situation and certain life events, such as whether you plan to return to school. And if you have an employer-sponsored account, we can help you manage that account as well.

In addition to opening the accounts, we can help you actively manage the funds within them. We’ll make a plan for how much capital you’ll contribute. Then, we’ll implement an investment plan that will grow that initial deposit. The stock market goes up and down, but over the long-term, accounts typically see returns that result in positive gains.

How Do We Get Started?

Call Potter Financial today to learn more about your unique retirement strategy. We provide a free initial consultation for anyone who wants to plan for retirement. During that first meeting, we’ll be able to tell what you need to do to save for retirement. Furthermore, we’ll tell you exactly how Potter Financial can help. Call us today via (713) 972-1316 or contact us online to get started. If you need more information before you begin, visit our website. You can learn more about how a West Houston Retirement Advisor can help you reach your financial goals by clicking here.

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